There are two major types of research papers: qualitative research papers and quantitative research papers. While quantitative research papers involve research that aims to collect hard data for statistical analysis, qualitative research papers are concerned with observation, understanding, and insight into a specific object of study. Qualitative researchers believe that this kind of research can be generalized and extrapolated to make more general statements about a topic.

To write a qualitative research paper, a student must first conduct qualitative research. Qualitative research often involves case studies and observations. Case studies are a kind of qualitative research in which several related subjects are studied, and their qualities and characteristics are compared and contrasted. A student writing a qualitative research paper in communication, for instance, might study the messages exchanged in several online support groups. The research would involve noting how the specific messages and the overall character of the exchanges varied from group to group. This qualitative research would not involve statistics, though the researcher might count the total number of message per group in a given time period.

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