A thesis research paper is required for the fulfillment of many advanced degrees, such as Master’s degrees, and doctorates. A thesis research paper is an extended, original, and in-depth research paper covering a significant topic within the student’s field of study.

Research papers are assigned by professors at all levels of academic study and in all disciplines and fields. Knowing how to research and write engaging research papers is a critical skill for any serious student.

The first thing to think of when beginning a thesis research paper is to narrow the topic. A thesis research paper topic must focus on a specific research question or a small set of related questions. An example question in psychology might be “what is the effect of stress on parenting styles in parents of newborns?” This example question is specific and it can be tested on a specific sample of people.

The next task when working on a thesis research paper is to review the literature. The student should locate research papers that have been written about similar research to see how other researchers have handled their studies and to make sure the student’s research doesn’t duplicate anything that was previously done. A section of the thesis research paper called the literature review will be the place where the student will report on what he or she has learned from consulting the literature.
The next task in the thesis research paper process is to design the research study. The student will choose between qualitative and quantitative research. Qualitative research involves observation and comparisons, while quantitative research involves collecting data that can be subjected to statistical or other analysis. The type of research the student chooses will depend in part on the field of study.

After the research is complete, the student will outline and write the thesis research paper. A thesis is a statement that the student believes to be true based on the research he or she has conducted. The student can then outline and write a research paper in which he or she states the thesis and supports it by citing relevant points from the research he or she has conducted. Thesis research papers consist of several sections, including an introduction, a literature review, a methodology (where the student describes the research), results (where the student reports the research results), discussion (where the student interprets the results), and a conclusion. If the research has been thoughtfully designed and conducted and the literature has been reviewed, the thesis research paper writing process should be successful.