Prior to conducting research and writing a research paper, a student or other researcher will sometimes need to write a research proposal. This is particularly true in cases where the researcher seeks funding from a university or other institution. The purpose of a research proposal is to convince a faculty committee or other board of decision makers that the proposed research needs to be conducted. Following are some elements of successful research proposals.

A research paper proposal is a plan that you want to follow to give credibility to topic being dealt with. It is an assurance to the examining committee that you know enough about the subject matter and will be able to do a justifiable job. Each aspect of it should be touched upon intricately go give an impression of your ability to delve deeper and carve out a real master piece at a later date. The examiners should be convinced that you are prepared to answer the “what”, “where”, “how” and “when” of the research paper under construction. It is also a blue print for you to follow to produce an outstanding work of educational document. The more efforts you put into the research paper proposal, the more confidence you will gain to master it.

A few points to be kept in mind concerning the proposal are:

  • Research Paper ProposalA typical proposition should not exceed 10% of the entire length of the paper you plan to write.
  • The bid you present should be brief yet complete, informative, simple in language, concise and logically structured.
  • The title must be powerful to ignite the interest of the examiners so that they are lured to read on and feel incomplete when they reach the end.
  • A good research paper proposal will have the description and significance of every source you have referred to and also a list of sources you intend to add to your bibliography later on.
  • Since it is an idea that you want to pursue, it must denote the analytical question you want to address.
  • Work on writing and re-writing the outline of your research paper till you are completely satisfied. Do not rely on the “last minute work”.
  • Four distinct parts of the paper must be included in your proposal. The main body is not to be of more than 300 words.
  • Include the procedures you wish to adopt, a prediction of the expected results and its implications.

In case you are still hesitant about handling a research paper proposal on your own, look for professional assistance of a professional writer who is sure to take you to the peak of academic excellence in the written assignment.