Practically every student will need to write an MLA research paper one time or another during their college career. The conduction of researching is just one part of writing an MLA research paper. More important is the way you present the material you have at your disposal. There are many distinctive styles of constructing this academic writing. Generally, you have ample time allotted before the date of the final submission. This will allow you to put in concerted efforts if you work at a steady pace. MLA research paper is a style of formatting generally used for Humanities and liberal Arts. Even the best of the work fails to fetch you a good grade if it is not in accordance with the style stipulated by your project supervisor. The language to be used, the size of the font, margins, spacing, citing of sources are typical in an assignment written following an MLA format.

  • The first page in an MLA research paper is different from an ordinary one in that some of the information is placed on the top right hand corner of the page. Particulars such as page number, name of the student, tutor date of submission and course’s name with code.
  • If not otherwise stipulated, maintain an inch of margin on all four sides of every page. Use double spacing and a font that is easy to read like Arial, Times New Roman or Verdana of 12 point size. Whichever your subject, examiners do not accept any variation in the MLA research paper.
  • In-text citation is what forms the backbone of MLA format. You are to give due credit to the source of a piece of information or a quotation. For example, if you are quoting William Shakespeare, you will write the author’s surname followed by the name of the play and page number in brackets immediately after the quote.
  • Indent the first line of every paragraph.

MLA Research PaperThere is no need to lose your sleep over the prospects of compiling an MLA research paper if you understand the basics of the format. It is not as intimidating as it sounds. Formatting the MLA way improves readability and protects against plagiarism. Shoulder off the responsibility of writing the paper on your behalf and see the difference!

In MLA research papers, sources are cited in two ways. A “works cited” page will list each source consulted in alphabetical order. Additionally, the student will cite the source of each piece of information in parentheses within the text of the MLA research paper. This is known as “in-text” citation.
When citing a source for the MLA research paper, the student will often include a direct quotation by the source’s author. MLA research paper guidelines recommend that quotations of fewer than five manuscript lines be noted with quotation marks within the body of the text. Quotations of longer than five lines are indented and the quotation marks are omitted. The student should consult The MLA Handbook for further quotation guidelines.
Proper formatting is critical in writing successful MLA research papers. A thorough understanding of MLA research paper guidelines will serve the student well throughout his or her academic career.