Writing an APA style research paper is a universal college experience. American Psychological Association (APA) is a body that has formulated certain rules of writing academic writings concerning social sciences. This improves reading comprehension and is a very precise way of expressing ideas. An APA style research paper has been amply described in the Publication Manual of American Psychological Association which is like a bible for the writing along the lines specified. Right from establishing authorship to the minutest details, the format has been meticulously framed. Simplicity, together with power and precision form the guiding principles of an APA format.
The style is straightforward and aids in moving forward the main ideas of the paper without having to pay unnecessary attention to the manner of presentation. Minimizing distractions, the APA format is widely used the world over. Developed first for writing psychological essays, it has been adopted by several disciplines today.

  • APA Style Research PaperThe APA style research paper should have four well defined parts – Title Page, Abstract, Main Body and References.
  • The page header to consist of the number on the right and title of the paper on the left of every page.
  • The title page should not only have the headers but also the name of the author and the educational institution.
  • The title of the scholarly writing to be less than 12 words with no abbreviations.
  • The abstract page to contain the word “Abstract”, centrally aligned followed by a short summary of what the paper is about in 150 – 250 words.
  • All the typing to be done in Times New Roman with font size of 12.
  • APA style research paper uses in-text method of citation and this to figure in the complete list given at the end of the paper. Author’s surname to appear first followed by year of publication.
  • Writing in APA format discourages use of biases.
  • This style generally does not recommend endnotes or footnotes.
  • The whole text should be typed using double space.
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APA style also calls for proper citation of all sources. A reference list will appear at the end of the paper listing every source that is cited within the text of the paper. While the first line of each item on the reference list is left-justified on the page, all following lines in the same reference are indented one half inch. Again, viewing APA research examples will elucidate this guideline if the student needs further explanation.
There are numerous other aspects of APA style the student must learn. Having access to an APA research paper example or two will be a helpful illustration during the process of learning to use APA style.